How To Kill German Roaches Naturally

German roaches are the best at adapting to humans and thus they are the most successful at infesting human homes and structures. Their small size, fast reproductive cycle and quick maturity rate allows them to get in where others can't and multiply quickly before us humans are even aware of their presence. They become a big problem fast that's why it's important to take action ASAP. You'll find here how to kill German roaches naturally.  This means no toxic insecticides.

While It Is important to cover the basics of behavior, reproductive cycle, etc. to increase your eradication success rate I will not cover it here. The reason is because this article focuses on one thing only and that us how to kill them using natural means. I may add another article that will cover those basics at a later date. If you aren't looking for natural only solutions, you may one to check out other websites like that covers chemical insecticides.

With that out of the way, let's get to the natural German roaches killers. There are many more ways to do this, but I will be covering the three most often mentioned (for good reasons). These are also the three that I have had the best success rate with as well.

Boric acid

This is hands down the most effective German roach killer I have ever come across. I would even wager that it can beat out professional strength insecticides used by the pros.  What makes this so great is it doesn't just kill the roaches that come into contact with it.

When mixed with bait and taken back to the nest, it gets the entire population.  When a roach comes into contact with it and dies, the boric acid stays effective still. Roaches will eat other dead roaches. So when other roaches eat the one killed by boric acid, they ingest it as well and die too.

how to kill german roachesIf you aren't mixing boric acid with a bait to make roach bait, you can just powder where you want to treat. Don't go overboard and make a wall of boric acid. Roaches will simply walk around it if it’s too high or thick.


Many mistaken borax with boric acid, but they aren't not them same thing. Some claim that although borax is effective, it doesn't quite measure up to boric acid. It works similar to boric acid.

Borax can be mixed with bait like sugar or fat and used as roach bait (the same can be said of boric acid). Let the roaches take the poison back to the others. Otherwise if you want to use it as a powder, just use it the same as boric acid.

Diatomaceous earth

Another powder like boric acid and borax, but different. While the other two can work when mixed as a roach bait, this doesn't work the same. Application is to powder areas where there are roaches. It only works when a roach crawls through it. The powder is abrasives and absorbent, so it will cut the exoskeleton and absorb the water from the roach’s body and kill it through dehydration.

There you have it. Three answers to the question of how to kill German roaches naturally.

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